DIPE Doctor of International Political Economy

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The international political economy program offers an education focused on helping individuals succeed in the dynamic global workforce. These skills include critical thinking, knowledge of multiple cultures, and cultural contexts, rigorous research skills, and the ability to communicate effectively in an array of environments. Students will be prepared for analytical and administrative positions in the public, nonprofit and private sectors related to international affairs. This program will conclude with an independent research thesis. The thesis is to be 35000-50000 words.

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Course Curriculum

Research Technique 00:00:00
Research Technique This course introduces the basic conceptualizations of research techniques to students. Topics such as the philosophy of scientific paradigms, inductive vs. deductive approaches, interview design are covered. It is increasingly common for researchers and academics to combine multiple techniques within a single research project. So the course ends with a suggested research proposal.
Introduction to International Relations 00:00:00
This course explores the nature of views in IR. Political realism vs. political constructivism, feminism are all brought forward. IR's ideological foundations such as Hobbes and Lockes were also discussed. Finally the topic of globalization and it's implication for IR concludes the course.
Intercultural Communication and Management 00:00:00
Intercultural Communication and Management This course will focus on the basic but important concepts. It will help you better understand cross-cultural complexity; cultivate your awareness of your own and others’ cultural identities; it will also highlight some notable variations in communication styles and cultural values; and furthermore signpost paths towards building your intercultural competence.
Global Political Economy 00:00:00
This course is designed to inform students about the basic concepts of political economy. Topics like political communication, media discourse, trade systems and world system in general are covered. Students will gain the scientific insights of how politics influences the economic decision making in various political entities and systems
International Business Law 00:00:00
The knowledge of legal background for international business is essential for all business practitioners. As the volume of FDI flows increase under the modern technological advances, managers and professionals are required to understand the legal principles of the international transactions. This course will prepare students to meet the challenges of an increasingly global economy by giving them the knowledge and training needed to handle complex transnational transactions that define the current legal and business environment.
International Economics 00:00:00
This course deals with international trade theory and macroeconomic policies in the international environment. It focuses on the recent works on the role of firm heterogeneity in international trade and the links between globalisation and inequality. Furthermore, this course will exam the issues of international organizations such IMF and World Bank.
Human Resource Management 00:00:00
The course will be describing and analyzing key concepts in Human Resources management such as the importance of hiring and firing, the concept of performance in HR, and the process of organising HR. The course will also shed light on the importance of personality traits in Human Resources management and will be evaluating the importance of psychology and psychometrics in talent selection and improvement. Beyond that, students will also be introduced to the dynamics of culture and how it affects personalities— this will be of great help to HR managers who plan to work in diversified environments. The course will also cover Human Resources retention and will analyze Maslow's and Hezberg's theory in order to come to a better understanding of the concept being covered. Lastly, students will be exposed to the effects of Social Media on HR
Organizational Management 00:00:00
International Diplomacy and Negotiation 00:00:00
This course will exam how top negotiators and diplomats grappling with some of the world's most challenging problems. This course explores how modern diplomacy and negotiation can effectively address seemingly "intractable" international conflicts and overcome barriers to agreement in civil wars, interstate conflicts, as well as in trade and finance. Conflict settlements and U.N. peace keeping negotiations will be presented in the discussions of this course.

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